Thursday, March 17, 2011

25 down, 1 to go

Short post tonight since I just took the last 1.5 hrs to do our taxes (but yeah for returns!!) ...

This week has been less harsh on Kel than the previous cycles - I would guess due to the lack of Bleomycin. He made a comment today about being less fatigued than before. Yeah!!

He is still anemic and sleeps through the treatments, but overall he is ok. We even ran some errands today looking for stuff to fix the car (little dings from parking a sports car over curbs, etc and we are trying to sell it) and went out to dinner at Mongolian Grill --- ugh, still full from that one!

One more day to go!! Tomorrow the nurses will have a little extra special 'ceremony' for Kel and I will bring the camera. There has to be some way for me to add pictures to the blog, so I really need to do so. Anyone know how?

Nothing sux tonight - finally filing taxes = money, Kel isn't too tired, David was ok (save a small potty accident) today, Saja didn't destroy the house ... what more can we ask for?

Wishing everyone a happy night-before-last chemo,

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  1. Trac,
    donno if someone already told you but as you are writing your post if you click on the lil square at the top that looks like a pic it will add pics, the only advice I give is that add the pics first then write the post cause it seems to have a mind of it's own where it will put the pic