Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The curse of karma

Maybe I watch too much 'My Name is Earl', so I think of karma, but I believe that somehow the universe is evened out. Not so much like Earl that we get what we deserve, but more than good is tempered by bad and vice versa.

In terms of good, we have plenty - Kel's therapy is working well, according to his biomarkers, my new job, David is good ... our lives in general are really pretty good. Sue's visit was good too - great to have her around for a week!

It is also tempered by the bad. Obviously Kel wouldn't need any therapy if he didn't have testicular cancer. David isn't always good, Kel isn't feeling well tonight, and to make it all great, tonight our thermostat stopped working. Not the heater/a.c., just the controller.

Boy am I glad we live in AZ where it should only get down into the 40s tonight, but we have no control of heat, so it will get cold.

The home service company that we use will be here tomorrow am (after I call them to make sure they don't send anyone with a cold, or sick in any way). If Kel is feeling better, I will stay home and wait for them. But gauging how Kel is doing tonight, I don't think he will be up to working tomorrow.

When we were in Buffalo we had a money pit house - bought it from HUD and fixed it from top to bottom ourselves. So even though it was an 80+ year old house it was great. This house in AZ is only 6 years old, but everything is slowly breaking! The AC unit was down over the summer, we had that fixed, lots of small other things, and now, essentially, the heater! UGH.

OK, enough complaining about the house. Back to the important stuff: Kel.

Kel had another chemo day today. That makes 20 days down, 6 to go. As usual, they had trouble getting an i.v. line in today. It took 4 pokes and a lot of pain. I honestly don't know how they are going to make do with the next 6 treatments - it is VERY difficult now to get a line in for the chemo. When I got home from work, Kel was icing his arm because it was still in pain from the attempts for i.v.s.

Then he got bleomycin. Those have been some of his worst days, and some of his not so bad days. Today was in the middle. He is exhausted tonight (although he did stay up about 5 minutes longer than David), and nauseas again. Overall he feels, blah and sluggish. He told me that he tried to take the stairs at the cancer center 2 at a time up to chemo, and at the first landing he was tired. :( Poor Kel.

I am cold and tired, so going to get straight to the 'sux':
Breaking down 6 year old houses made with shoddy materials suck. We don't live in a KB home where I expect stuff like this, but it seems like lots of things just keep going south. Our AC unit has been on the fritz since the summer, even after replacing the capacitor, now the thermostat too. The fridge seems to drip, and we have to replace another flapper in David's toilet to stop the constant water running (or keep turning off the water supply). Strange to say, but I miss our old house in Buffalo because it was in better shape!

Hoping we don't get to cold tonight,

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  1. Sorry everything's breaking. It's happening here too. Water heater, oven, water pump...but the house is 180 years old.

    Good luck to Kel with the last set of treatments!