Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have been chastised

For taking the week off. I am sorry I did not write more this week - it is the middle of the semester, leading up to Spring Break, so I have just been busy.

Kel had his LAST day of bleomycin today! While he has another week of chemo, it will only be 2 of the 3 drugs since bleo has a cumulative limit in order to avoid lung toxicity. Woohoo to being done with that.

As usual, his veins proved terribly difficult to access and required 3 attempts today for a 10 minute push. Then bleo knocks him out, and so Kel was tired driving himself home, and was asleep when I got home a little while later. It is almost 9pm now, and he is struggling to stay awake in order to keep his schedule tomorrow at work. He isn't feeling to well tonight either (bleo days are his worst) so going to sleep soon will be good for him.

On the upside, my father drove into town today, so Kel (and I) ate very well! Dad brought food with him, including a wonderful (and now famous) beef wellington for later in the week. Yum.

When Sue (Kel's mother) was in town, she and I were watching some outrageous food show and one thing we saw was a company that baked pies inside cakes. The one on tv was overloaded with a ton of frosting, but I mentioned the concept to my father and he has been having fun experimenting on how to make a piecaken (or capieke). He brought one with him - a nectarine pie inside a yellow cake with some chocolate wafers - and double YUM! Dad is so bad for my diet, but darn is he a good cook and baker!

Dad will be commuting to and from Phoenix (2 hr drive) for an arbitration or mediator training class and will go back home on Friday. It should be nice.

Not much else to report - David is being good and we even seem to have (finally) tackled night time potty training! Still a couple of accidents, but looks like we are done buying pull ups, which is a nice change.

We meet with the oncologist on Thursday morning, hopefully with the blood biomarker data, and schedule the last cycle. The CT scan will be scheduled for mid-April, and we will ask for that to be booked on Thursday. I think the waiting is going to be tough, since it will be a month of not knowing and waiting to see if all is done. The hurry up and wait act is a tough one to go through for anything, and it is especially so for cancer.

I have to go with Bleomycin sucking tonight, since it has consistently been tough for Kel to take. Those are the days with the most fatigue and some 'flu-like' feelings. It also goes under 'not sucking' as bleo days are done, since he has reached the max for limiting lung toxicity, but that only doesn't suck because the drug itself sux so much. On the upside, it does a GREAT job killing of the cancer cells. But Kel is wiped out physically, and somewhat mentally, from it.

Other not sucking is Dad's cooking (ok, well that is a mixed bag too since it sux for my waistline), David's being done with pull ups, and an upcoming Spring Break for me. The dogs are cutely (almost) cuddling on the couch right now too, fast asleep, so that doesn't suck.

Kel's exhaustion is contagious, and at 9pm I am struggling to not fall asleep. I promise to update on Thursday after we meet with the oncologist, but for now: Good night.


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