Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Been a while

I haven't written much lately because there hasn't been much going on - Kel is done with therapy and the fatigue is getting better. His cold is still hanging around, but a little bit of nebulizing is helping his cough a lot.

On the upside, our old Jeep died and now we have to figure out a new car tomorrow or over the weekend. We knew it was coming, but this was a bit faster than expected.

I am giving a talk at the lymphoma group meeting tomorrow (see you there, Dan), and I have updated my 'Most Important Acknowledgement' Slide, incorporating the ever poignant 'Cancer Sux' just to show a few key influencers on my work (I don't have a picture of Joe Bizeau to include ... anyone want to send me one of those? Trudy? Kathy?). Sad how many in one small picture of a Channukah party in the 80s would already be lost to cancer.

I haven't been too imaginitive, so going to go with a mixed Sux - Jeep giving up on us 2 months too early - and a doesn't suk - Nebulizing making a BIG difference with the coughing ... Dad, you need to borrow it too?

David's 4th birthday is only a few weeks away, and Kel should be feeling a lot better by then, plus we will know where his therapy stands (done or more?) by then, so we are looking forward to mid-April! Now if only our federal tax return would show up before then ...


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  1. Sorry I missed your talk - I am in Chicago for a SWOG meetup. I am sure your talk was great, as always. Speedy recovery to Kel, and rock on!