Thursday, June 2, 2011

New plan/ongoings

Brief report, here is the new plan:

Kel is going to get this second round of chemo starting today (at some point), even with the indication that it isn't working (biomarkers increased post first treatment). The thought process here is that we have to wait for the next parts (below), and doing nothing has no benefit. The chemo may not do any good (i.e. his tumor may not respond), but the harm is minimal, so it is worth the small possibility of a benefit.

In the meantime, we will be working to set up the tandem transplant to be done here, assuming we need to escalate.

Also, we are traveling to Indianapolis later this month to consult with the world's expert, Dr. Einhorn, about what is the best course of action for this stubborn cancer.

So overall the lack of response is worrisome, we are jumping on the next step and keeping spirits as high as they can be (but honestly barely treading water).

For those in Tucson, Kel is in UMC in 3NW, text he or I for the room number. His direct phone # is 520-694-3156. Visitors are welcome (and appreciated), call or text as much as you like.

All our love,

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