Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Short report

Yesterday Kel's oncologist didn't have any biomarker numbers due to the snafu at the center, but told us he would bet us 'bunches of money' that they will be down. He called this morning and ...

they went up.

Then he went on to say that this was not a concern, that it is more important what happens at the end of the second cycle, but we are not convinced. There is evidence for a surge in the biomarkers with the first round of chemo, but that happens at day 5 right after he infusion (which did with Kel, his #s went from 49 just before therapy started to 98 by the end of that week), but then a normal half life is expected and the #s should be down 2 weeks later. I did some extensive searching today and there is no evidence for or mention of a prolonged 'surge' and elevated #s being a good thing.

But Kel checked into the hospital today anyway. They aren't starting chemo tonight since he didn't check in until 6:30 pm, and I will be there tomorrow morning when his oncologist 'rounds' to go over this. As far as we can tell, the increasing #s means that he is not responding to the new VIP chemo, and that it is time for either the tandem transplant or surgery.

Not a good day.

Cancer Sux.

(on that Rachel, Butch and I were all wearing our t-shirts today out at Walgreen's after leaving Kel at the hospital and someone asked about them and I gave him a card to find the website!).

Needing some serious sleep,

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