Thursday, June 30, 2011

High amount of pain, but also high spirits

This will be a short post, because I am tired. :)

Kel had a rough 1st night post-surgery - heavy amounts of pain from a lot of muscle spasms. This continued into the morning, when they finally agreed that the initial pain meds in his spinal column were no longer effective and allowed a more frequent administration of muscle relaxants and pain meds. So, with valium ever 2 hr and his pain pump everything was contained much better. There were still spasms, but much fewer and far between.

Kel's biggest trouble with causing spasms was actually the rest of us making him laugh! We were trying not to, but in a room full of smart asses that is hard. :) If he laughed, the spasms started. Sorry!

Despite the pain, and when he was awake, Kel was in good spirits. He smiled, tried to talk and joke, and seemed happy again at having the mass out of him.

He isn't moving around a lot, but he has gotten out of bed and into a chair a few times today - which is great progress! Tomorrow will be more, maybe even some walking a bit by the end of the day? He is breathing well too - which is important for avoiding pnemonia.

In terms of what we know about the overall cancer - nothing more. No pathology back yet, and no bloodwork taken until a lot later. I will post when I know more about that.

That is about it for the report. The rest of us (Kel's best friend Tim, his parents, my Dad and David) are doing well. Actually my Dad, Kel's dad and Tim were up so late talking the night before (after 2am) that they were all exhausted today and had to take naps, like David. I think only the women toughed it out today. :)

Tomorrow Tim and Butch will go back home, Sue the next day, and my Dad will stay through Monday. We aren't sure, but I think Kel will be released on Sunday and we will return home Tuesday.

Thanks for reading!

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