Saturday, June 4, 2011

A quick report

Day 3 of this cycle started today. Kel is handling it well overall, just the same fatigue. His is quite anemic, so his energy level is correspondingly low. The doc even talked today about doing a blood infusion to help with that, but voiced some minor concerns about risks and side effects associated with that. I wasn't there, so Kel decided to wait, and I didn't see the doc to ask him about it. We will see tomorrow.
He has also gained 7-8 lbs over the last 2 days from all of the fluid they are giving him. His kidneys are functioning ok (per this morning's bloodwork), and he will get a diuretic after he is done.
Kel is not yet immune supressed (meaning his white blood cell counts were find, even on the high end), but that should happen by the end of this infusion time. His hair is falling out again, which is strangely comforting because he knows at least the drugs are getting in and doing something.
He may ask for another marker count before he leaves the hospital, but not sure yet.

We haven't gotten to see him much today - he's been sleeping, and David is only not restless in the hospital room for a certain amount of time. So we went after karate this morning, and then back home for lunch and a nap. Came back ~4 and were home for supper since Kel was sleeping). Tomorrow would be our normal Sunday morning family breakfast out, so I think we will pick it up and bring breakfast to Kel.

I am doing a little better over the last two days. I am less angry, less sad, more focused on the day to day. I do miss Kel a lot, since I haven't been able to spend time with him much - he sleeps a lot at night and I don't want to disturb him, plus David ... otherwise we are just trucking along.

We were sad to say goodbye to Rachel and Butch this morning. It was a great visit, and I am so glad they were here to spend good days with Kel, sorry they were here for all of the stressing, and grateful for their love and support.

I am beat down, more emotionally tired than physically, so I am going to cheat to end tonight:
Cancer Sux.

My good friend Christy found out on the year anniversary of her 'remission', that her acute leukemia is not gone and she is rushing around to get things set up for an urgent bone marrow transplant (autologous, meaning from someone else, as opposed to the one that Kel will likely undergo, twice, which is him donating his own marrow/stem cells). She is running around trying to set up her daughter's 4th (I think) birthday party, the impending arrival of her first granddaughter, and anything else urgent. Her spirit is beautiful, and the news is crushing ...

Cancer really sux.

With much (tired) love,

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