Sunday, July 31, 2011

Benefit Sale went well!

This weekend was our first annual 'Cancer Really Sux' benefit sale, and it went very well.

Over the past month, friends and family have donated their
gently used (and sometimes brand new) items for us to sell this weekend. We organized it, and this Saturday and Sunday we sold a LOT of it! We still have a great deal of donated items left, and will be donating it to a combination of the men's shelter, an organization to help te
ach women job skills and get them to work, the abused women's shelter and our local children's foster organization - Casa de los Ninos.

I took a picture of the stack of money we took in (mostly ones, of course, this was a yard sale), but it does look impressive. :)

We earned more than enough to help us cover our costs with traveling to Indianapolis for Kel's surgery, and with the additional money we will start the 'Cancer Really Sux' Memorial fund, a reincarnation of the Dena David Memorial Fund. Fitting, since today would have been my mother's birthday ... her 62nd. We missed her today, but honored her memory well ... by selling even some of her stuff! :) She always did love a bargain.

Unfortunately the new 'Cancer Really Sux" mugs did not arrive in time, but they will be in on Monday. Oh well, I will add them to the website and hope they do well there!

Onto Kel: He is doing alright, albeit still slowly progressing and in pain. This weekend reminded him of how much he still needs to improve before going back to duty. He seemed to get hot very easy (not hard since we DO live in Arizona), and tired after carrying just a few items (which he was not supposed to lift anyway). It is a slow recovery for sure. His next blooddraw is this week on Thursday and we get the results next week on Wednesday the 10th. Let's go REMISSION!! Let's hear the magic words.

I am sunburned, exhausted, and happy. I am glad it went so well, glad it is done, and glad to be in bed. Thank you to ALL who donated - stuff, time, or money. We couldn't have done so well without an amazing support group! As I mentioned this is the 'First Annual', and I hope to make it a yearly fundraising event. We will see how much the momentum carries us.

Goodnight to all, with much love,

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