Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Worst. Travel day. EVER.

Ok, maybe not ever, I am sure others have had it worse, but today was miserable for all.

First, our alarm at the hotel in Indy never went off. Thankfully I am a fitful sleeper when we have to be up for something, so we only lost 15 min.

We made it to the airport on time, boarded, and waiting at the gate. Then on the tarmac. And then some more. So we didn't take off until 45 min late.

The plane made up some time in the air, but not enough, so even though we could hear our names being called, it took too long to go from where we landed to across the ENTIRE terminal in Minneapolis to our new gate, even racing on a cart. We got there just in time to see them close the door.

Not good.

So, we are turned away and I go to rebook. We get routed through Pheonix 3 hours later and then onto Tucson. As for where Kel can rest? Just some random gate is where we are referred. But Kel went up to the gate assistance area and we got referred to traveller's assistance where they were nice enough to let us use their cot/rest room hidden away. Kel was able to lie down, as was David for his nap. Made the next 3 hours much better.

Then we make it to Phoenix where they don't have anyone ready to wheel Kel in the chair over to the other terminal (I officially hate the PHX airport - you have to leave one terminal, take a bus to another, re-go through security and get to another gate), so by the time that all gets figured out, we are running again.

This time we make it, get on the tiny, cramped airplane, taxi out ... and wait on a hot, hot plane with no working a/c. And we aren't allowed to take off because of the storm in Tucson, so the plane goes back to the gate and we de-board.

By this time Kel is in pain, exhausted, frustrated and just miserable. No news on when the plane will be leaving and we start calling car rental companies to see about a one-way trip. CRAZY! One company wants $130+ and another wants ~$250! Yet another doesn't do one way rentals, and by the time we went through all of that, we are re-boarding the plane.

During most of the trip, David was a nightmare, kicking, hitting, throwing fits, etc. But at least at the Phx airport, he was good for a while!

This one finally takes off, and about 7.5 - 8 hours later than we were supposed to be, we are home.

And we get home to a downed tree in our front yard (which our amazing neighbors were nice enough to move out of the driveway so we could park) and no power. David had to crawl in through the dog door, and we lit some candles, but now we are all set.

So for sucking tonight, An exceedingly long travel day so soon after major surgery with Kel in massive pain and exhaustion only to come home to 1/2 disasters ... but what doesn't suck are the helpful volunteers at the Mnpls airport who found a good place for Kel to be comfortable - thank you.

Oh, another sux is Beki, who didn't have her phone on her when I txted our 3 hr delay! I could have enjoyed her company during that time, had a cake ... you know, enjoyed my time! just teasing, B!

Time to sleep now,

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  1. There aren't enough complimentary drink tickets in the world to make up for that travel experience.

    If it ever happens again, text me. I might be able to duck out and take a stroll up to PHX.