Wednesday, July 13, 2011


As I expected, we did not get much sleep last night, so we are both exhausted and soon going to bed.

I did, first, want to let everyone know that Kel had his staples removed today! He is metal free and covered in steri-strips. There were 33 staples removed (he had me count). The wound is healing well (yeah for good news!) - see below.

He is still not sure if he will go back to work tomorrow. The pain is still plentiful, and he is tired often. We will see what he can handle tomorrow.

We still haven't heard about all of the upcoming appts, but it looks like he will have blood drawn on Friday, the stent removed on Monday and a follow-up with the oncologist on Wednesday. Things are moving along. If all is going as it should with the AFP in his blood, we should hear that it is 50 or less.

What doesn't suck for today (going for more positive) is that the removal of the staples was not as painful as Kel had anticipated and he did well. Only a few 'stung' because of the scabs already forming. He will have a gnarly scar, but it is slowly healing.

Off to sleep now,

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