Sunday, July 3, 2011

On the mend

Sorry I didn't update for a few days, took Friday and Sat off.

Kel is doing a LOT better - slowly but surely. He is still in the hospital because he had a bout of vomiting last night/early this morning that they wanted to make sure was ok (seems like his intestines weren't so keen on being moved away for surgery, then put back in and still be expected to function? Plus he isn't eating so ... yeah, not happy intestines). But he is in a LOT less pain (pills every 10 hrs or so, rather than every 4) and moving around really well.

For those interested, I will post a picture of his scar below ... for those not? Well, don't look. :)

We still don't know anything about pathology. However, we did get good news on his biomarkers today: the important one went from 390 on 6/20 to 214 on 7/3! Presumably, they were up even higher from 6/20 until the surgery on 6/28, so this decrease is fantastic news!

Just as a reference, this protein (AFP) has a half-life in the bloodstream of ~ 1 week, meaning if he started at 400, 1 week later it should be at 200, one more week at 100, etc. Presuming the normal clearance, he should be (FINALLY) in biochemical remission in early August! PLEASE?!?!?!?!

What else ... David is getting stir crazy, although still being mostly good. He keeps asking me if he can go to school today, or when are we going home? He needs to run more than he can here, but Kel should be released tomorrow, my Dad will go back to Vegas and the next morning we fly back to Tucson. From there he can run.

And to those I haven't emailed, or who haven't seen the posting on FB: We decided to have a 'Cancer Really Sux' Benefit/garage sale for Kel, and for my 'Cancer Really Sux'
research efforts (an extension of the Dena David Memorial fund).

The sale is being planned for July 30 and 31 (my mother's birthday was the 31st) and we have stuff to sell, plus are asking for donations of items that are being cleared away in 'spring/summer cleaning' from our Tucson friends. For those in Vegas - my father may be driving down, so he can bring a few things too! Just email me.

I am attaching the asking for donations flier here. I will also be selling my 'Cancer Really Sux' t-shirts, hopefully will have mugs made, and can take orders for the personalized messenger bags. :)

That is about all I have, so:
What sux is still not having the pathology report, but I am sure we will soon. What sux is having to stop David from hugging his Daddy when that is all he wants to do when he sees Kel, but that would be too painful (see scar below). What sux is having a cancer benefit sale on my mother's birthday - just because there is too much damn cancer.

But what doesn't suck is FINALLY seeing Kel's AFP #s go down again! Having an indication that things are back to moving towards a CURE!

What doesn't suck is having the love and support of family and friends behind us always.

We love you,

I warned you ....

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