Monday, July 18, 2011

Pain today, gone tomorrow

Ok, I am really, really tired, so my 'Title' was lame. :) Sorry!

Kel had the stent removed today - FINALLY - after it being in for 7 months. Unfortunately, he was awake for this procedure and it was agonizing (only way they could fit it in before September, apparently). A small bit of lidocaine at the 'entry point', snaked up through the bladder and removed the stent from the ureter. Apparently the stent was quite calcified, so Kel is essentially dealing with stones right now. Oh, joy.

The rest of the day he has been in significant pain and discomfort, but the blood in his urine is decreasing.

It is unfortunate that he had to be awake for that procedure, but he is quite glad it is out! The next big event is a meeting with the oncologist on Wednesday to get the results of the b/w (need the AFP #s to go down to 50-60) and an ultrasound follow up on his ureter on Thursday to make sure it doesn't need to be replaced after the stent is out.

For now there is no chemo or anything else but surveillance planned, and hopefully we can get an idea on Wednesday about scheduling that all (monthly, every 3 months, etc).

Otherwise, we have just been planning for the Benefit sale in just under 2 weeks (ack!). I need to start making signs and have been organizing all of the items for sale. I will be creating an 'Event' on Facebook (not tonight, too tired and have to teach again at 7am), so if you are in Tucson, keep an eye out!

So to end tonight, a quick (if not obvious) sux - I would have to imagine that being awake while having a tube removed through your bladder and 'out' would REALLY have to suck! The subsequent pain and blood has not been pleasant for Kel either, but it is out and this is one more step closer to a break!

Half asleep now, so good night!

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