Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exhausted, but glad to be home

Kel is home now, and glad to be here. Yesterday I brought him home and then when back to work. When I came back with David he was out cold for a while.

Exhaustion is an understatement.

He was up long enough to eat dinner and then back out. Woke up this a.m. exhausted too, but he managed to get out of bed and go to work - a training session for hostage negotiators - at least for part of the day. He had to leave early to go to the cancer center to get a shot to increase his white blood cell count and counteract the myelosuppression caused by chemo. He had this with each of the 4 cycles before too (the supression, not the shot), but it took longer. Generally it would be there at the end of the 3 week cycle. VIP therapy seems to be more toxic, since the depressed immune system is already notable at just 1 week. Hopefully the shot will help though.

He needs his immune system as much as possible to help with the C. Dif infection. He is still asymptomatic, but we have both noticed a distended stomach, which is likely to be associated. We will watch it for a little longer before calling the doc. He is already on vancomycin, though, so I am not really sure what more they can/will do. I just hope that he stays asymptomatic.

My semester(s) have ended, so going to have more time coming up soon! Yeah! This was a semester with just a little more stress than I could handle. I only have to finish up grading by Monday and then have a short break before the summer semester begins ... but that is only for one online class at least. I can handle that.

We are planning on working on the backyard this weekend - somewhat of a normal activity, and we have some weeding to do. Kel thinks he will be up for it, but we will see. We will also take David to karate, and maybe in another week I will stay for a Krav class? I could use some hitting ...

Nothing exciting to write, no insight, just life. Going slowly. Painfully slowly, but going.

Tonight's sux ... Kel picks his fatigue. He is more tired after this cycle than after most of the previous 4. Not surprising, of course, but it makes it hard for him to function and to live life through all of this. He has to wake up in the middle of the night for meds too, which just exacerbates the process, but this too shall pass.

I am tired too tonight, so going to sign off. I will work on insight for the next post. :)


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