Friday, May 13, 2011

The trip ...

The guilt trip.

I have (according to those around me) been sending myself on a guilt trip. I hate being away from Kel while he is in the hospital getting chemo. I am a horrible wife. :(

I an in upstate NY for a meeting, and it was a good day at the meeting, but when I spoke to Kel this morning he sounded horrible. He was a little better later in the day, but has been sleeping the rest of the time. It is what is best for him right now, but I fear how he will feel worse for the next few days. My father, thankfully, is in Tucson taking care of David and Kel at the same time. Thank you, Dad.

The meeting, as I mentioned, has gone well. The talk I gave went REALLY well, and I heard that some of the other group were interested in recruiting me? Nice to hear. A little late, but nice anyway.

Then there was a nice dinner and some more drinks and even dancing at the hotel bar with some old friends and new friends. Of course that just adds to my guilt, but for an hour or so it helped me feel better and get a change in thinking and focus for a bit. Thank you.

I have one more day in Rochester and then back home on Sunday. Tomorrow I have brunch with cousin Randi, a party for a 1 year old with Kel's best friend (and my love) Tim, and dinner with Dad's college roommate Steve. I will spend the night at Tim's and go back home the next day.

But back to Kel ... I didn't talk to him much today because he wasn't doing well. He woke up to throwing up and a massive headache. After some meds and he slept more he sounded good. I called later, and he was sleeping.

David has (thankfully) been good at school and good for Dad - lots of Scooby Doo helps too. Thanks to Anna and Michael for lending us the new DVDs!

For tonight I am going to go with old and new friends deciding to get me off my guilt trip doesn't suck. Who knew scientists could be so much fun? A few minutes of a live band and dancing took my mind of everything, even for just a moment. Thank you for that.

It is midnight here in NY, so I need to get some sleep for a fun day tomorrow. Have a good night.


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