Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cancer landed a left uppercut today ...

Kel had a follow up appointment with the oncologist this morning to get the results of his bloodwork and find out the next plan. Cancer won today's fight, but is GOING TO LOSE THIS WAR! So, the results and plan:

Not surprisingly, but definitely disappointingly, the biomarkers are increasing meaning the cancer left is still active and growing. They aren't sky-high, but definitely trending the wrong way. So, we need to kick the testicular cancer ... well, in the testicles! :) Trying for humor, just not doing well at it today.

The plan:
Kel needs to do three more rounds of chemo, and to start as soon as he can. We are waiting to hear from some scheduling, but he will have a central line put in - which will be nice to his veins for a bit - before starting chemo next week. This regimen is a bit more harsh and is constantly infused, so for each of the 3 chemo cycles he will stay in the hospital for 5 days. The first round should be next week, the second at the end of May, and the third in late June. After that it will be a re-eval with bloodwork and a CT scan to decide if he still needs surgery - doc put that as a 50/50 shot.

After the first round of chemo, Kel will have some bloodwork again. If the biomarkers decrease as expected, than the next 2 cycles will continue as planned. If he does not respond to the new stuff - called VIP, btw, for vinblastine, ifosfemide and cisplatin - then the next option is something called tandem transplant where he donates his own bone marrow to himself, gets high dose chemo ... high, high dose ... and then gets his own bone marrow back. Then likely surgery to follow. Pray NOT for that - it is not pleasant for Kel to go through.

Right now he, and we, are tired, scared, and hating cancer. Cure rates are still great for his prognosis, but are down a little. That is weighing heavily on him and us all.

The sitting here waiting for calls, for chemo, for cancer kill is agonizing. Hurry up and wait is NOT the approach to take with cancer. Kel wants to do something .... anything ... to get things moving along. Even waiting until next week is hard.

I hate cancer. My head is killing me today from too many tears. Too much stress. Too much.

It has been a tough day, so gonna go with Cancer Sux. Cancer REALLY sux. Cancer really really (insert explicative) sux.

I need my mommy ... oh crap - cancer really sux.

Through more damn tears that are making my head agonizing ... so signing off.



  1. Sending you all my love, T. I am so sorry. He is going to win this fight and I am praying for you both. The waiting is the worst.

  2. I thought about that yesterday, about your mom not being here to talk with you in person. But I have not an ounce of doubt that she is close by and will send whatever healing good energy she can to help with things. Lots of love!