Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's my birthday and I have cancer

Today was Kel's 37th birthday, and he used that excuse ALL DAY! Well, maybe only once or twice and really just to be funny, but still - how can you respond to that?

By giving him whatever he wants.

We had a nice day - Kel managed to sleep in thanks to some 'Simply Sleep last night, then breakfast out (a Sunday tradition), and we picked up Kel's birthday present which trickled down into new stuff for David and I (he got a new phone, I got his old phone and David is playing with my old broken phone), and came home to relax for a bit (or grade finals ... whichever). Kel wanted a steak dinner, so back out to Texas Roudhouse (where the picture was taken) and then our friends and neighbors came over for cake and some hanging out outside. It was an overall good day.

Kel is feeling a lot better than the last few days. Friday was rough with the excessive bone pain, yesterday he just walked around like he was an 85 year old man, and today he did a lot better. But by the end of the night, he is exhausted. Considering this is only 1.5 weeks post chemo ending, though, not a bad time.

David had fun at karate on Sat morning and Kel and I went to the bakery next door. It was there that I decided to get a cake (should have waited for Dad's ca-pie-ke recipe today, b
ut I can make that for another special day ... like, ummmmm, a Thursday!). They messed up the 'logo' a bit, but it was a delicious cake. (---->)

After the breakfast out, the steak dinner and the cake, though? I might explode overnight. Ugh ... too much food ... need a food coma right now.

Thank you to all who called and who posted on Kel's FB wall. You helped make it a special day where he could forget about the cancer (well, except for our normal cancer humor now), and just have a regular birthday.

I am off to finish painting my nails 'Fuschia Power' before crashing ... Happy 37th birthday to Kel, and goodnight to all!


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