Sunday, May 15, 2011

Grease coagulating around the cancer and suffocating it?

That is the theory anyway about how a Garbage Plate from Nick Tahou's in Rochester, NY might help a cancer patient.

For those who have never heard of this concoction - it is a plate 1/2 covered in home fries and 1/2 covered in macaroni salad (cold), then you can add what you want on top. Kel wanted a cheeseburger plate (2 burgers), mustard, no onions and extra hot sauce. The hot sauce is really what makes a Nick's plate special - meat sauce with the greasy drippings from the fryer added. A whopping 2500 calories for this monstrosity.

Since I was in Rochester for the past few days, and Rochester is where Kel and I met, so he knows about these plates, he asked that I bring one back. And not in tupperware for him to eat - he yearned for the experience, so he wanted it in the styrofoam platter.

With the help of a few smart thinkers, we figured out how to accomplish this - I first bought some cheap tupperwares, then went over to Nick's with Kel's sob story and asked them if instead of assembling the plate we could have the parts each put in their own tupperware. The nice man helped, and we had each part separate.

Then back at Tim's place (Kel's best friend, and the best man from our wedding) we froze the tupperwares. I pulled them out in the morning, stuck them in my suitcase double-bagged, and it all made it here ok!

Then I fried up the home fries again (don't want them to get soggy), put them in another container, brought this all to Kel at the hospital after dropping David off at a friend's house, and assembled a Nick's plate for him in the styrofoam container.

He relished it all (see above).

Overall he seems to be doing ok, just tired. He actually has an infection of C. dificile, but he has no symptoms and this was caught on a routine screen. He is on antibiotics for it, and David now can't go visit at the hospital (you have to gown up), but all is ok.

He will have just over one more full day of infusions and I will take him home sometime on Tuesday. From there we will play it by ear on how he does.

See other post for the sux/doesn't suck section because I am struggling to keep my eyes open.


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  1. That... is awesome. I'm jealous, and very impressed.

    That looks sounds and like a ton of food for somebody to eat. Unless they were high.

    Sorry to hear he has C. Dif. On the bright side, there's a new (gross, but effective) treatment for multiply resistant C. Dif infections. It involves poo (grossss), but a high efficacy.