Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not a bad day ...

Going to start with an all about me part tonight ... I was honored at work today when I was given an 'Award of Excellence' for the University of Arizona's College of Pharmacy Research support. I knew I was nominated from a few weeks ago, but had no idea who had done it. At the awards ceremony I got to hear part of the letter written about me, and was given the letter to read later - a special thank you to my nominee Megan Carver for her wonderful words and kindness. From the bottom of my heart - thank you. You made this week a little better!

If only I could have also won a raffle prize ... a massage would have been awesome.

On the downside, my throat hurts and I am getting stuffed up. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that it is just allergies, but it feels like I am coming down with something. :( Thankfully for now Kel still has an immune system, so I guess this is not a bad time to get a cold, but UGH! And I have to travel next week to a meeting for work? I hope this is gone by then.

Back to the upside - that meeting is in Rochester, NY, where I went to undergrad and where Kel and I met. I haven't been there in years (ummm, 10-ish maybe?) and am looking forward to seeing it again, especially in non-winter time. Most of my time will be at the meeting, but I will have an extra day to see the town, see family and friends, and figure out how to get a garbage plate from Nick Tahou's back for Kel.

Artery-clogging yum.

Kel starts chemo again next week ... the day before I leave actually. I wanted to cancel the trip, but Kel doesn't want to burden me by changing my schedule. Ummm, ignoring the problems with that theory ... but he would feel better with as normal as a schedule as possible, so I am going. To help while I am gone, my father will come into town and take care of David. This will be the first time without Kel or I at home, so I hope he will be ok, and I am so so so grateful for your help, Dad.

In between the first and second cycle of the new chemo, Kel will have some bloodwork done. I saw his oncologist today (just walking through the halls at the University hospital) and he assured me that he fully expects a great response with just the first round. Assuming that to be so, the next 2 cycles will continue before re-evaluation and likely surgery. Kel's sister and father will be here for his 2nd cycle and we are so glad they are coming. It will mean a lot to Kel ... and to me ... and to David.

It is almost midnight and I took some NyQuil to help with the cold, so before I pass out a-la-Dennis Leary's 'Big N, little y, Big F'in Q'-style, onto the sux/doesn't suck portion:

Being honored at work definitely doesn't suck, especially when you get to read the wonderful nomination letter written.

But that is a little too much about me ... so for Kel, 2 sonoran hot dogs for his lunch from two great brothers-in-blue doesn't suck. It may not be good for the waistline (I wouldn't know on these, never had one), but he loves them and is BIG on comfort food lately. :) So THANK YOU for the wonderful support!

Passing out now,

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