Monday, May 30, 2011

A good day

Kel's father (Butch) and sister (Rachel) are in town - they got in on Sat afternoon and I think they are here through Sat. Since today is Memorial Day, we all had an extended weekend and got to spend today together, so we drove ~90 miles down to Bisbee, Arizona.

Bisbee is an old mining town - really part of the old west. We actually had to drive through Tombstone, AZ to get there, where we saw some actors dressed up in old west garb - it was neat. In Bisbee we walked around a bit, grabbed some lunch, and then went over to the Queen Mine for a tour. It was cold in those caves, but a neat ride on a railcar/underground train. Kel took a lot of pictures on the camera, and I will try to post those. The tour started at 2pm, and David still hadn't napped, so I spent 1/2 of the tour carrying around the dead-weight of a sleeping 4 year old. It was a time enjoyed by all, though (including the sleeping boy).

We stopped at the grocery store on the way back and grabbed some steaks and corn to grill. Butch and I made dinner, and it was DELICIOUS! A little Montreal Steak Rub on the steaks, and some grilled corn with butter was fantastic. Kel and Rachel, who are only 5 months apart so they were always in the same grade, got to talking about with whom they are still in contact, and old stories, etc and they had a grand old time! I went and grabbed their senior year yearbooks from high school and Rachel even had fun reading through all of the messages written in Kel's yearbook and deciphering them. It was a great distraction for tomorrow.

Tomorrow there are 2 doc's appts. The first is in the am with the urologist about the stent that is still in, the pain that Kel is back in, and even the blood that shouldn't be there when he pees (maybe from the stent? It's been a week now).

Then at 2pm we will go to see Dr. Ahmann and find out if the first round of VIP chemo did anything for his tumor markers. If it did, then the AFP marker should be down <10. So any thoughts, love, prayers, or good vibes welcome for low #s! I will update tomorrow night. Right now we are worried, scared, and nervous for tomorrow. The last day we built up to find out #s didn't turn out so well (4/15), but hopefully this one should go better. We are also going to talk to the doc about who is the best in the country to perform the probably needed surgery, called an RPLND. This is no routine procedure, so we need to find out who it will be so that we can make arrangements if we need to travel for it (Indianapolis is likely, NYC is possible too).

Tonight's sux, in list form:
1. Waiting
2. Not knowing
3. Waiting and not knowing and imagining the worst
4. Poor David's belly. Not sure what is up with him - he had a fever last week, then was better, then a day of diarrhea, then 2 better days, and back to a sick belly today. :( Hope he didn't get the C. Dif infection Kel had.
5. Did I mention waiting and not knowing makes imaginations take on a life all to themselves?

Doesn't suck:
1. Reminiscing with family taking Kel's mind off things for a bit.
2. Watching Butch pick on Kel and Rachel and just enjoying the show.
3. David being good today (just don't ask me about the last 2 days and my patience level).
4. Being one day closer to knowing!
5. Steak and corn - super duper YUM!

I am going to try to make my first ca-pie-kie tomorrow for all, so I will let you know how it turns out. Dad sent directions for his peanut butter pie inside a chocolate lava cake and I can't wait! David also has his first swim lessons this week with his good friend Doyoon - I am excited for that because he loves the water and he loves Doyoon - good combination!

I must sleep before tomorrow, so for now I bit you adeiu.


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