Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All about Kel this evening

I took this morning to vent about me, and thank you to all who lent hugs, loving words, or eyes to read my whining.

Kel had chemo today!! His WBC counts went up over 3 fold and was even marked as 'high'. So he got his poison, no problem. ;) And they will treat today as Monday and just tack on a Saturday to make it a full week. Sue went with him, but Kel mainly slept. The i.v. is even in a good spot, so they left it in at least overnight and maybe all week? That will be good since the 'sticks' are getting to him.

At his request we went out to dinner at the Mongolian Grill tonight - yum. Moderately not bad for you too, since you can control what goes in to your dish. Then we came home and watched the Blind Side (finally). Overall a nice evening.

Stuck for things to write - it was an ok day. Kel is obsessing about his chances for getting another cancer (other than the increased risk of leukemia associated with chemo), and life insurance companies jacking up the rates on him due to actuary tables. I think I am going to have to look and see if I can find any epidemiology studies for those who get testicular cancer and their rates of getting any and all other cancers.

Just what I need - more work! Oops, sorry, that was complaining about me again. ;)

Actually, just not sure if those studies are done, but I can look.

Nothing else to report, and I am going to cheat and just refer to my morning post for what sux.


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  1. Trac,
    I can honestly say that I am pretty OCD about secondary cancers too. That and relapes are something that I never let go of....it's just somehting that eventually I will learn to live with....