Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today marked Kel being halfway done with chemo ... at least until evaluation. It was was a bleomycin day - in the past those have been both his worst days, and uneventful days, with no clear predictive clues as to which it will be. Today was mostly uneventful.

Kel drove himself to chemo (at his insistence), and took his car to be washed beforehand (also his insistence). Chemo was quick, and over by 1:30-ish. He drove home and did ok for a while - was just tired. I think he even cleaned the inside of his car when he got home? He loves that car ...

I got home, said a quick hi and then left to get David and go to Storytime at the library. By the time that we got home ~8pm, Kel was in bed and struggling to stay awake. Hopefully he will sleep well tonight, since last night was a bit broken.

Although he has been tired and had a few days of not feeling well, Kel is really handling chemo very well. As I have said before - the 'helping' meds that they give to control side effects are amazing. It is not a pleasant experience, and he is finding a few more annoying a long lasting effects like peripheral pain and a loss of tastebuds/tastes, but it is also not something that he (and we) can't handle. So back to cheerleading: go chemo, kill the cancer!

Nothing much with David and I either - he was a really good boy at school today, and moderately ok for me through storytime and bedtime tonight. Poor guy's fever is gone, but he has a cough that is settling into his chest and waking him up. I think I will have to use the nebulizer with him to clear it up.

Just a busy week for me ... busy few weeks really, but what else is new. It is test time for all of my classes, so I am making and giving those. I have papers to work on, grant progress reports to write, and experiments to do. On the upside, I think one of the positions to which I applied, and for which I am a finalist, will be making a decision this week! So I may know soon if I will be offered the job. Very exciting!!

For the sux/doesn't suck portion of tonight's blog:
Hmmmm, feeling unimaginative today (everyone can feel free to suggest stuff, btw) ... It seems like the "middle" chemo week in each 3 week cycle doesn't suck. The bleomycin day of week 2 last cycle, and today went pretty well. The only effect was a bit of fatigue, and that is easily managed by sleeping! Now we just wait a week and hope that the trend of a tough 3rd week doesn't hold up. We will also meet with the oncologist again next week and get a general report of progress and bloodwork check. David actually timed getting sick pretty well - Kel has a normal white blood cell count right now, and shouldn't be myelosupressed until next week. Good job on timing David! Well done. :)

Off to do more work, so goodnight for now,

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