Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another day come and gone

Day 4 of the heavy chemo week is done, and Kel is still hanging in there pretty well. He said he didn't feel too well, but nothing overt or specific. Not too much fatigue compared to the first cycle either. Maybe he is just more comfortable with knowing what to expect?

Thanks to a gift from a friend from afar (Thanks Beki!!) we had some Boston Market chicken tonight, and Kel ate well (as did David ... and me). Kel's appetite has done better this cycle, and I don't think he is losing weight this week. Most likely holding steady.

From the start of this until he will be evaluated, there will be a total of 26 chemo days and 11 are already done! Next Tuesday will actually mark halfway. Woohoo!!

In non-cancer news, but wth is going on in Tucson news ... we had no water this morning because most of the town had frozen pipes. Really. Frozen pipes in southern Arizona. We have lived here for 7 years and that is a first. A friend even had her water dripping all night and it made no difference.

So Kel and I didn't get to take showers this morning, and we made sure to do so tonight because we don't know what tomorrow will hold. I believe it is supposed to be as cold - it was below 20 last night, and felt like 1. Really?! I thought I lived in the desert! This was just too surprisingly cold, and I definitely don't like having water!

I am amazingly on top of grading this semester, which is surprising considering I am juggling 3 different classes on top of normal work (Bio 101, 201 and 202). It may be that I am waiting for the day to come when I won't be able to do anything for my classes because more is needed of me here, and so I am trying to not get behind? Not sure, but I am not going to try and change it! It is much less stressful this way - a trickling of work often, rather than a mass of work at one time.

On the good news front, David had a really good day at school! We enjoyed a nice dinner with all of us at the kitchen table and no tv on, and avoided anything electronic for David all night (no tv, no iPad, etc). It was nice. He went to bed well, and even tried to read me our 'The Lion King' book - we have read it so much that he knows most of the words on each page.

For things that suck ... I don't know. Overall it has been an ok week, despite some early behavior 'kinks' with David. Kel hasn't been made too sick or tired this round (knock on wood for tomorrow). Work isn't too stressful for me - actually we are getting lots done and it is going well in the lab. Dad comes into town tomorrow through the weekend, and we are all looking forward to that (including his beef wellington for Kel).

So on the whole - cancer still sux, but not so bad this week.


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