Monday, February 21, 2011


After using R2D2 I really needed to find a way to use C3P0, although this was not what I was thinking ...

Today was the start of cycle 3 (hence C3), but unfortunately Kel did not get any chemo (hence the P0 for period 0). They started the day with some bloodwork, and his white blood cell counts and differential were too low (too myelosupressed), so no chemo for him. Instead he received a shot (I am guessing of Epopoietin, but he doesn't remember the name) to increase WBC production. He will go back tomorrow for more bloodwork and hopefully chemo. I will have him get a report of his tumor markers tomorrow too so I can report them.

I think he is a little bummed about not getting chemo, not that it is a fun thing to get, but this is a little off track. It is entirely normal - the nurses even made a comment about this being his first time missing a day being not bad - but still a little upsetting.

Kel already isn't sleeping too well through the night, so giving him one more thing to obsess about isn't fair, but he is able to take big naps during the day so he is making up for the time.

Sue (Kel's mother) arrived in town on Saturday and they (and we) have been having a great time spending ... well time ... together. They even burned a Christmas tree together yesterday (my idea to start the fire though, since it was cold), and that went up in a giant "whoosh". Interesting ... Kel was trying to burn my house down! :)

David was very good at school today. He has actually had several days in a row of being very good and has even completed one big potty training hurdle (sorry tmi for anyone not a parent of a toddler) - he is able to entirely go by himself for every 'function'! Still working on the night time part, but all else is going really well. I like "David-being-good-at-school" days. They rock!

For me, my clutziness is reaching epic levels (and for anyone who knows me, that is really bad)! Tonight I dropped my cell phone from my tucked away-hidey spot up by my shoulder (this one you can guess), my waitband, and even into David's bathtub! Kel says I have been dropping things quite often all around the house. It could be the billion things I am juggling - both physically and mentally ... just me being me ... or my personal favorite, the weight loss. I just don't know how to hold things when I weight 29 lbs less? ;) That was today, btw, 2.5 lbs down for my 10 lb goal by St. Patty's day! Kel eats McD's burgers ... I get 7 L of water. Sounds fair, right?

I am tired, and nothing else to report, so onto the sux portion:
Myelosuppression. Kel has been doing really well on therapy and is on track. While this is likely to make no difference, it is still disheartening, even in just the irrational parts of our brains. Crossing our fingers for tomorrow, and I will let everyone know.

Cancer still Sux.



  1. You are right, Dan, thanks!
    Goes to show how tired I was - he was myelosuppressed, not anemic. :)