Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sympathy chemo side effects

Yesterday and into today Kel has had a not so good feeling belly. Perhaps in sympathy, I have also had an icky-belly. Could there really be sympathy chemo side effects?

Dad said that he had it too with mom. Sounds like a good excuse for a scientific study - is there such a thing as sympathetic sickness for the caregivers?

Nothing overly wrong is going on, Kel is just tired and his belly isn't feeling well, either from the chemo or the pain. He is eating well, mostly since Dad is cooking and he is a great cook. I didn't think Kel would be up to eat anything last night, but Dad had prepared and brought a beef wellington and Kel was really looking forward to it, so it was made and enjoyed by all! (less enjoyed by me, but that was purely by volume).

Actually, as of today I am down 26 lbs! Woohooo! Most of that was before Kel's stuff started, and it has only been 4 lbs since the beginning of the year, but still.

Kel is down just over 30 lbs. 20 of that was before all of this started too, and most of the other 10 was in the first chemo cycle. But darned it - he eats a bunch more food now and is still losing! Cheater... ;)

In another joyful turn of events, David is sick with something or other. He started off and on with a fever yesterday, is was worse overnight with a little bit of sick belly too, and has held steady at 102 or 103 until the latest dose of Motrin. It is down to 99 now, and he is doing a little better. We will see how we fare through the night.

Thankfully, although he is on chemo, Kel is not too myelosuppressed and thus not too at risk for whatever David has. We are keeping them from sharing food, etc, just in case, but Kel shouldn't have any problems from this.

My poor boys.

All 5 of my boys (Kel, David, Dad and 2 male dogs) are crashed on the couch now watching the Superbowl. The Pats aren't in it, so Kel isn't too excited, which is probably good for him.

Thanks, Pats, for throwing the game v the Jets just for Kel - mighty thoughtful of you!

And in a message from the sick David:
alkklsk vmckrk ,dw,,,dms

Things that suck:
Too many sick boys in the house and not really being able to help any of them. David has been miserable all day, and while I can cuddle him I can't really help him. Kel isn't doing horrible - definitely not what you think of post-chemo 40 years ago, but he isn't feeling great either. The peripheral neuropathy is starting (pain in his extremities), and he is exhausted. The feeling of helplessness really sux.

Cancer sux.

Having a poor sick little boy sux.

Off to watch the end of the Superbowl - g'night,

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