Friday, February 4, 2011

Chemo causes cavites

I wouldn't be surprised if Kel ends up with a few more cavities out of all of this. He is eating a bit more chocolate and sugar then he used to, so I believe we will have to increase his dentist visits in a few months.

The good thing is that he is eating fairly well. Kel didn't even lose too much weight this week - it has held steady since the end of the first week of the first cycle! It is definitely making my diet hard though! Grrrrr, no fair. ;)

The heavy chemo week of cycle 2 is done, and overall Kel did very well. He had a bit of pain this morning that woke him up, and was definitely tired by the end of the day, but on the whole it was better than the first cycle. Maybe he just knew what was coming and how to work with it?

Dad is here now and David is ecstatic! He loves his Papa. He was even so excited that he couldn't really read the Lion King ... It was hard to get him to go to bed, because he just wanted to come back downstairs and give one more hug and one more kiss.

Tomorrow I will teach while the boys play, and then we will do some mundane things. Dad made a beef wellington again, and Kel is really, really looking forward to eating more of it without feeling guilty (he was on Nutrisystem the last time dad brought one of them for us).

I wish Dad would just stay with us full time and be our live in chef. Forget that pestering lawyering career-thing and just cook for/with us. :) Dad is actually looking into taking more structured cooking classes from a few different places, including the Cordon Bleu Institute (the place Julia Child went to) in Vegas, because hours of watching cooking shows makes him want to learn more. Always the eternal student ... gee, I wonder where I got it from.

Hmmm, what sux, or doesn't, today? Kel is doing pretty well, came to work with me this morning before chemo and ate well, so I will go with curing testicular cancer doesn't suck. We got word today that the blood markers are decreasing, which is really good, and means that the chemo is working. The side effects are well managed, and he is doing well. Go cure!!!

Nighty night,

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