Wednesday, February 2, 2011

R2D2 ... and 3

Round 2 Day 2 (R2D2). and since I didn't post yesterday, and day 3.

Halfway through the heavy chemo week now, and Kel is doing very well. The major side effect is crankiness. He is mega-cranky, with very low tolerance, and I am trying hard not to react to it. He and I don't do well when the other is cranky - we tend to just make it worse. So lots of deep breathing for me and short temper for him.

The other side effect, which we noticed the first round but I think is worse this time around is the 'chemo smell'. I am not actually sure how to describe it, but only during the first of the 3 weeks he has a smell about him. It isn't the bleomycin, since he gets that all 3 weeks and this side effect is only the first week. And I don't think it is the cisplatin since Mom was on the carboplatin and I never noticed this. So it is probably the etoposide. Strange really.

Kel decided (as we are watching the Futurama with 'Superpowers') that the chemo smell is his super power. Hmmm - superstink? Yuck!

A friend sent me a forwarded email about free/donated housekeeping service for women undergoing chemo treatment. My question is why only women? This assumes a) that only women do housecleaning and b)when they are a down for the count, others can't help? What about single men? Or men who do housework? Or couples who share? Why only for women undergoing chemo? The overall thought is really nice, just surprising with the assumption that only women need help.

Now for us, while this would be a good help, it isn't necessary. Kel and I actually split the housework normally. And while I have picked up most of it through the first cycle, he is feeling better and is back to sharing (despite my objections). He did dishes and laundry tonight while I taught - amazing for a chemo day.

Overall, other than handling chemo well, Kel is feeling better. He only took pain meds once today, and was even up for taking care of a few things after chemo. It is amazing how much the 'auxiliary' medications help.

In my research I am always thinking of drugs that both work better at killing cancer than the present drugs, and ones that are less toxic to normal tissues. But looking at how well the side effects can be managed (i.e. what the chemo does to the normal tissues), the latter seems like less of a concern. More efficacious - yes. Especially in cancers where chemo doesn't do much or for long, like pancreatic cancers. But less toxic? Bonus if it is, but looking at how mom, and Kel, and a friends mother all handled the side effects, it doesn't seem as high of a priority.

Interesting how life experiences can effect my take on on my research.

Ok, onto things that suck ... David with the iPad takes the cake tonight! He was playing with it while Kel did work around the house and I was teaching. Despite the frequent asking by Kel about needing to use the potty, David decided to not leave the iPad and just to go pee where he was. It is a serious issue we have with him with the iPad, and even with tv sometimes - he won't leave the entertainment, even though he has been potty trained for almost 1.5 years.

And he was a bit of a monster at school this morning too. Looks like he is going to lose all iPad privileges and maybe even karate for a bit. :(

That is all I have, so good night!


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  1. Trac just a thought on the crankyness... not that I encourage over using meds but I was on Ativan during all my chemo, verying doses but it really probably would help calm him a bit....I know it did wonders for me... are they giving him seroids, I had to have IV steroids before every chemo dose and this also added to my aggitation. Ativan has many uses, along with being anti anxiety it also helps with the naseua...
    I never noticed a stink with me but I do know my sense of smell, taste and sight were really messed up... esp my sight, I would actually get vision so blurred on chemo days that I couldnt see to read and type much.

    many prayers and lots of love C