Thursday, February 10, 2011

My bewwy hurts

That is the only thing we ever hear from David. Usually it is when he wants some candy .. I mean medicine, but it is also all we heard this time. Turns out days of 103F fever actually equals a double ear infection.

David is the king of never letting us know he has bad ear infections. He has done this before.

Antibiotics and some tylenol are helping him a lot. Knocking him out a lot too, since he slept through most of daycare this morning, but he is getting better.

And thankfully, it isn't contagious for his immune-system-challenged Daddy.

Kel met with another police officer who had testicular cancer before and beat it. They had lunch today, and it was good for Kel. Good for him to talk to someone else who had been through a similar experience, if not in therapy (the other person had radiation following the surgery, but no chemo), at least in fears, and thoughts.

I can explain the science and the therapies, etc, but I don't really know what he is going through. I can empathize, but it is not the same. So I am glad that Kel was able to get more information and validation about his experiences.

Back to the belly thing - mine doesn't feel good. :( I have not been sticking to my 'eating well' plan this past week (I blame Dad. He is too good of a cook, and got me started on not eating well!), and we even went out to Chili's for dinner tonight. Too much yummy, but not so good for you food is really wreaking havoc on me. So, back to Nutrisystem tomorrow. We still have SO much food leftover since Kel isn't eating it anymore and I have been only 1/2 on the wagon since his diagnosis.

My new goal: lose 10 more lbs by St. Patrick's day. That will make a total of ~35 since November. I need all of the cheerleaders I can get too!

For things that suck tonight: Gonna go with Saja. We were just commenting on how he is doing better lately and getting out of the puppy stage ... and then he goes and pulls up the carpet on the stairs and decides it is snack-time. UGH! We have never had a puppy this destructive! He is getting better than before, but how much more house can he destroy?!?!

Gonna go curl up in a ball and will my tummy to feel better. :)


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