Saturday, February 12, 2011

Smaller clothes

Both Kel and I got some smaller jeans today. Woohoo, go weight loss! Felt good for us both, and both were down 2 sizes.

The boys were supposed to go to karate today, for David, but Saja being bad nixed those plans. I was at work, so this is all second-hand, but apparently Saja had climbed up on the kitchen table where David had left his chocolate milk, and Kel's disciplining of the dog got him bitten on the hand. This is the second time Saja has responded to Kel's discipline (just yelling) with teeth. Never to me, but I approach him differently because he has done this to Kel.

This dog is truly evil some days.

And thanks to the coumadin that Kel is on, a little bite leads to a lot of bleeding, and stopping that made the boys miss karate. Damn dog.

Kel is doing ok. He is eating well, and figuring out what he can still taste. Hasn't had any weight loss this week, which is good. As he is reminding me, he even had some fruit today!

And on the good side, he just told me (while knocking on wood) that it has been a few days where he has not had any of the peripheral pain. Awesome!

I ended up not yet hearing about that potential new job. They asked for some more information, and told me they are meeting again next week. I am a ball of nerves! Should hopefully know more next week. It is a great fit for me, and a great opportunity, so we would be very excited to get the job. Only a few more days to wait...

Nothing much to write about, just life going by ... so Kel's contributed sux/doesn't suck:

What sux: the excessive bleeding. Kel gets a lot of bloody noses this time of year since it is so dry, but now they are getting difficult to control because of the coumadin. So he bleeds a lot. Plus I can tell he is anemic because he is so pale, so it is a double whammy. Even Saja's bite to Kel's hand took a while to stop. :( We won't know how the clot is progressing for a while either, so it will be a few months that Kel is on this medicine.

What doesn't suck: not having to shave. Since Kel shaved his head before the cancer could take his hair, he never had clumps fall out. Instead, his hair just isn't growing anymore. He only has to shave once a week for his head or his face and even then he doesn't really need to do so. So cancer = saving $ on razor blades!

Anyone in need of a destructive and sometimes evil pup? He is cute as heck ... anyone?

Going to bed now with the red devil dog curled up at my feet,


  1. oh I hadnt heard about the blood clot...what happened? I have had 3 now, guess it runs with the territory. Hey the shaving is a good NOT suck heck I didnt have to shave my legs for almost 6 months:) Wish it would have stayed gone I am 14 months after my head shave and I still look like a butch lesbian with a bad attitude LOL

  2. Saja sounds like my crazy mutt dog! I'm thinking of you guys every day. We will talk soon. Love you!

  3. Christy re clot: this was found when he was diagnosed and is from/related to the tumor in his back. He has a clot in his inferior vena cava (big vein going back to heart) that is surrounded by the tumor and being compressed. He is in coumadin for it for now. We won't know how it is doing until April.
    And LOL re: butch lesbian! Good look, especially when you add in the 'cancer surviving' butch lesbian. ;)