Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our cup runneth over (aka, the amazing generosity of friends)

I am yet again awed and amazed at the support and love from friends, especially work friends (all friends, really, but tonight's blog is about friends from each of our works).

When Kel was first diagnosed, I let my friends and colleagues at my Women of Biosciences Toastmasters group know that I wouldn't be able to serve as an officer this 6-months, and just to tell them what is going on in general. This is a group of women from all aspects of science work - students and professionals, bench scientists and more. Many of them have worked in the same building as me for years, and I didn't get to know them until we all joined this group (whose main focus is actually improving all of our public speaking skills and leadership skills).

Anyway, after the outpouring of support emails and phone calls, they organized a 'dinner chart' to help Kel and I eat well made and easy dinners, especially once teaching started. The food has been not only amazing in concept of supporting us, but also in taste and has turned out to be a wonderful help. They continue to surprise us with generosity and love. I am forever grateful.

When Kel told his co-workers, one of the things they immediately brought up was leave donations, since his first 3 weeks off burned through most of his banked time and we were preparing for time off without pay. Kel filled out the form to allow leave donations, but being the guy he is never wanted it announced - he didn't want people to take away from their sick time in case they needed it. He finally allowed at least word of mouth to be passed that leave could be donated, and 2 days later he has more than enough time to take care of the next 2 chemo weeks.

The generosity of Kel's 'other' family, in blue, is heartwarming. Thank you all so much for your support of Kel, and for getting through his thick skull about not wanting any help!

Report on Kel's health:
He is doing fairly well, but was exhausted tonight. He was in bed and asleep before David again - by about 8:30. His weight is holding steady (he has actually gained back ~5 lbs from his lowest point in cycle 1), and still no bad nausea. He takes anti-emetic drugs daily, and prevacid to help with heart burn. Still no tastebuds, but he just doesn't bother with the 'tasteless' calories - like peanut M&Ms! David likes that, since he LOVES those!

Speaking of David - he had a GREAT day at school today! He listened, was a good helper, didn't injure anyone, and even (sorry, tmi) pooped in the potty at school! That last one has been a big ordeal for us since he was just not telling his teachers he had to go. His only 'transgression' was not keeping his shoes on - obviously no big deal. He was rewarded with dinner of his choice - the always popular Mac and Cheese, followed by 'ice cream with cookies' (one of my Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches). It was a good night.

Things that don't suck - Good David at school days! I am so so glad he had a good day with no hitting, or hiya'ing, or anything! Boys will be boys, but we get upset when other people get injured by our son. The afternoon teachers, especially, at his school are so good with all of their kids and understanding individual needs. Plus, David is in LOVE with one of them. Even at home, he tells me he wants to go see 'Miss Mamayah (Mariah)'. Uber cute to see his first crush. :)

Oh, and for those who don't know me on Facebook, I was on tv yesterday morning!

More grading now, so goodnight!

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