Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back from hiatus

I took a 3 day break. Nothing much happened, so not much to write about.

Today was the last chemo day of cycle 1 - a bleomycin day. We also met with the oncologist. Overall everything is going well for Kel. The oncologist was very happy with how he looked, how the pain had diminished, and even the fact that Kel's white blood cell counts are low since that means the chemo is the right dose (just have to watch out for infections - no problem with a 3.5 year old in preschool, right?).

On the whole, there aren't too many side effects thanks to the 'extra' care - nausea meds, etc. Today is actually the worst he has done. We got home from chemo/appt, after picking up David, at a little after 5pm. Kel sat down on the couch and almost immediately crashed. He has been up for a few minutes since, but almost 5 hours later he is in bed and this is the hardest the nausea has hit him. Hopefully he will feel better during the night, but right now he is pretty miserable.

This too shall pass, but poor Kel. :( Just have to remember - the meds are working, the tumor is shrinking, he is being cured as he feels like poo. That is too long for a mantra, though, need a better one.

Oh, and on the doc's scale, he is only down 7 lbs since his first visit - so good job eating junk these past 2 weeks to gain back 3 lbs! Except he hasn't eaten since lunch, so ... we will see tomorrow. Maybe he is down 3 more lbs again?

Second cycle starts next week, and pretty much mirrors this one, minus an appt with the urologist in the middle. Doc said that the first cycle is usually the worst, mainly because you don't know what to expect, and that while the fatigue may get progressively worse with each cycle, overall he doesn't think Kel's side effects will be too bad. That is good. He just gets to sleep for 9 out of every 21 days. ;)

Now if only I could get Saja to be that lacking in energy, we would be in better shape.

Nothing on my end - haven't lost it too much with David again, but with my teaching he isn't with me for a few nights, so that may help. He was good tonight - nice and quiet for Daddy (didn't hurt that we watched two Dinosaur Trains and one Cat in the Hat episode), and we did some drawing upstairs.

I have some work to do, but should be able to join the rest of the family soon in bed and asleep.


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  1. just remember fatigue doesnt even begin to describe the type of tired chemo makes a person... I honestly thought several times that I had gone into a coma....one day I laid long way on my bed at watched TV out of the side of my eyes for like 5hrs before I could talk myself into getting up...........
    oh and I learned the hard way to push through it to gain energy. As soon as I started walking every day roaming the halls in the hospital I got control of the fatigue faster