Monday, January 17, 2011

The Bald and the Beautiful

Feel free to guess which of us is bald, and which is beautiful. I'll give you a hint - my head is still covered with curls. ;)

It was either that title or 'Hair today, gone tomorrow'. Aren't I clever?

As you can probably guess, Kel shaved his head today. HE took his hair before the chemo could. Cancer wasn't going to win that one. In solidarity, both his father and his father-in-law also shave their heads. Ok, so both of them have actually been 'purposefully' bald for years, or so they tell us, but it is nicer if they do it for Kel. A brother in blue, Alfonso, wrote that he was shaving his head (and a female officer offered to shave ... well, not her head?). Baldies of the world unite - I am just not one of you.

I would, though, for Kel, but I don't think he would like me to shave my hair. Usually the most I get away with is chopping off a foot or so when he leaves town for 5 months (border patrol academy). I think that was a surprise for him!

I offered to have David shave his head like Daddy and Papa and Grandpa, but he (being David) told me he wants hair like Mommy's, not Daddy's.

And speaking of David, and I promise I did not coach this ... when he came home from school and saw Kel's big bald head, the first thing he said was 'Nice Hair'! Very cute.

Today's Kel report:
-He didn't go to work today. It was a holiday anyway, so that was fine, but he was just too darned tired. He is getting plenty of sleep, but most of it has been during the daytime since he has been off from work for almost 3 weeks now and he has no real schedule. With sleeping many hours during the day, and falling asleep last night at 8:30pm, he was awake since 2am and tired by the time he needed to wake up to go to the station. He is trying to fix that tonight by staying up until now (11pm). Hopefully it will help him.

-He gained almost a lb back! Of course so did I (grrrr), but this is the Kel report, not the Tracy report. He ate a full breakfast yesterday out at the local Jerry Bob's (french toast, bacon and an egg), cereal for lunch, pizza for dinner, and I got him some yummy ColdStone ice cream! He ate all that and barely gained a lb. We'll see how he does tomorrow, since today was more pizza (I think for every meal?), plus the veggies I made and some more ColdStone.

-He has now had 3 non-chemo days, and is doing aright with that, but tomorrow is a chemo day. Just one drug though - the Bleomycin he will get every Tuesday through the first 9 weeks of this. Last Tuesday he came home and crashed for 15 hrs, but we don't know if that was the Bleo, all 3 drugs together, it being the 2nd day of chemo, or what ... I guess if it is just the Bleo we will find out tomorrow.

-He also has a urologist follow up tomorrow late afternoon. See how he is feeling, heeling, and overall doing with only one brass ball. Guess they will make sure he isn't so lopsided he is running in circles (I am stealing his joke)?

-Lastly, were he still on full duty, Kel's shift change would have been tomorrow, so Kel is hoping to go in late afternoon, but before the urologist appointment, to go to the first briefing with his new squad. He hasn't been too tired in the afternoons, so hopefully he can do it. Then back to work for real on Wednesday.

Back to work for me too - by the end of this week all 3 classes for this year's teaching load will be in full swing. It is going to be a busy semester, so I apologize ahead of time if I miss a night of reporting here. I will try not to do so, but well ... I am a blond and forget things sometimes. Even if my hair isn't too blond, as my father tells me 'Blond is a state of mind, not just a hair color'.

Things that don't suck for the night - Baldies! I am still not used to it, but Kel looks good bald! He didn't know what he would find under his hair - a birthmark like Gorbachev? Bumps? Scars from fights he didn't know about (I mean the fights, not the scars)? But his head is fine, other than a little razor burn from never being shaved before. He is a little cold though, and so he stole some beanie caps from David and I. I think the SpongeBob one works well ... (for pictures of the bald head and the cap - see Facebook or email me).

Off to get some sleep,
Tracy, the non-Bald

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