Friday, January 28, 2011

Ok day

Today is short, because I waited too long to write this and I am tired.

Kel did well today. He slept last night, was at work all day, and we even went out to dinner and stuff tonight. He is asleep again, and was in a little pain tonight, but nothing too bad.

Tomorrow will be a long day of just Daddy and David. I teach in the am and then teach self-defense all afternoon ... Have to earn David's karate tuition. ;) Not really, but the owner does take special care of David in the karate class (otherwise he is too young with too little of an attention span for karate), and I will be teaching for him tomorrow. I heard that we will be having ~20 students - wow! Should be a hopping day. Or a butt kicking day.

Maybe being able to actually beat something up (we have fully padded muggers in this class) will help with my dream?

Nothing special to say sux tonight, other than that Kel is pretty cold all of the time. Maybe it is his bald head?

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  1. we need to get Kel an old lady shawl....the cold is from his blood counts dropping. I FROZE....heck I still freeze!!! Biggest Hugs