Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good day

Kel's brothers and sister in blue came over for lunch today and it was great. That is an amazing group of people who can make us laugh and feel loved all at the same time. Kel loved it (and the food). Thank you!

Also, I finally found the video of David's magical three year old curing capacity on youtube ... it loaded sideways and the volume has to be turned up to hear David (sorry), but here it is:

Tomorrow we meet with the oncologist to review the treatment, etc. Looking forward to getting everything started and on its way to a cure. One day closer to this being all gone. Woohoo!

Nothing insightful, new, or meaningful. Just a whole lot of tired - Kel doesn't sleep so well at night since the pain wakes him up for a few hours, which often wakes me up (no big deal). So we are both tired, I am behind on getting ready for the new semester, but will make it all work somehow.

I am, however, missing my laptop with the monitor destroyed by the airline during my trip to and interview at Ole Miss ... would make it easier to work while spending time with Kel. For now I don't want to spend too much time upstairs on the computer to work and be away from him (like I am doing now). He thinks I am silly, but I just like being next to him now, making sure he has whatever he needs and yelling at him to take his meds! :) Ok, not really on the last one anymore since he has become a better patient.

Signing off for the night. Today totally didn't suck, thanks to the wonderful officers and friends of the Tucson Police Department, and especially the members of Kelcy's squad.

Thank you, and good night,

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