Monday, January 10, 2011

Chemo Day 1

Best way to say it is to borrow from Kel's FB page:
Ok, during my fight with cancer today I threw a couple rght hooks and an uppercut. Tomorrow I think ill fight dirty, shot to the nads (B and B "Buzzcut" lol).... I'll probably give it an ox jaw to the throat and kick him while he's down just to be sure.
Today started out with both of us being a bit nervous and not knowing what to expect ... mainly Kel, of course. We drove past the media circus going on at University Medical Center and went to the Cancer Center. They seemed to have lost his lab request, but took a 'rainbow' approach - took all of the blood vials, so that all types of bloodwork could be done. Kel was called into the room a little early, but since it is so hard to get a needle to hit his veins, chemo ended up starting on time. I stayed with him until the first infusion started, and then I think he was a little tired of me pushing food on him and I was kicked out. I went to work, and he called me all done 2.5 hours later.

We are home, Kel is mostly doing fine (save for an incident playing with Saja where Kel punched himself in the eye ... see Facebook for a picture). Says he is feeling a little something, but not sure what, and not nausea specifically. The staff at the cancer center are great - gave good explanations, take excellent care of their patients, and are even funny! The week should get progressively harder on Kel, but he is off to an excellent start. He even went an hour longer without his pain meds!

David is stomping around upstairs with me, Saja is jumping on David, all is normal for right now. Even one of my teaching semesters has started! Going to be a busy few months. :)

Not much wisdom or venting tonight, but for Kel I am going to end with a 'what doesn't suck': Day one of chemo hasn't sucked. Went by fast, Kel is doing ok, and his positivity will get us all far!


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