Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2

I read Kel what I wrote last night and he reminded me that I forgot to list someone very important lost to cancer. Kel's grandfather Joseph Bizeau, from whom Kel's middle name was borrowed, had gliobastoma multiforme to which he lost his fight 4 years ago. Brain cancer sux too.

Our first night home was ok. Kel and I set up shop downstairs on the couch with the recliners and slept there. He was able to get in a comfortable enough position for the post-surgery discomfort 'down there', but not for the back pain from the main remaining mass. Coughing hurts him too, and the nodule in the lung is making that an urge. Can't win.

On the plus side, the crazy puppy Saja only jumped on him once! That didn't go over too well and I spent most of the night making sure crazy puppies and little boys didn't treat daddy light the normal jungle gym that he is. Exercise for me?

On that note, Kel is going to win at the weight loss game now. :( He and I started Nutrisystem together 2 months ago and both lost 20+ lbs. Doing great. But now he gets chemo weight loss, and I have to stay on NS? No fair. (I jest, of course). Chemo can be a great diet - mom lost a ton of weight, and her hair grew back straight too - maybe that is what I should do to get rid of the curls?

For now, lots of sleeping, but generally not very continuous. Kel is still in impressively good spirits and we are ready to start with the doctors calls, appointments, bloodwork and the general circus to begin tomorrow.

Cancer still sux.

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