Friday, January 14, 2011

Sorry I didn't post last night

Started to do so ... router wasn't working so I had to restart everything. By the time I got everything up and running, I was tired and went to bed. :( Sorry.

The end of this first week is tough - Kel is feeling quite sub-par and run down. Lots of sleeping (which is good), not much eating (not so good ... he has lost probably 8 lbs this week?), and overall 'ugh-ness'. I am working from home his a.m. to keep an eye on him. Most of this may be due to the chemo making him anemic, although not sure if that would be this fast? (Dan, any ideas? ;) ).

Going to be short this am, because I will post again tonight about the first week.

Things that suck: this chemo regimen. It is a harsh one.

Things that don't suck: this chemo regimen. It is a curative one.

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