Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sad Sad day ... (but Kel is ok)

Sad day - the Patriots threw away wonderful season by losing to the Jets? WTH? Ok, I really don't care too much (sorry), but Kel sure as heck does! He was up pacing around and I didn't know if it was from the pain from his back or from watching his team. Long live the great 2010 Pats ...

Ok ... moving on to more important things - Kel's report:
-His pain is back, although not as bad and not as constant. He has had to take some pain meds since last night, and is uncomfortable again, although it is still worlds better than before
-We think you can actually see the mass in his back. He has lost enough weight (over 30 lbs, but 20 of that was with Nutrisystem before we knew about any of this), that his love handles are mostly gone ... well, at least on one side. On the side with the mass, there is a bump, but that actually may be the tumor? Vaguely disturbing (for Kel)
-Mainly, he is tired. We went out for breakfast this morning - a tradition for us on Sunday mornings, and Kel wanted to this morning. When we got back, he sat on the couch to 'digest' and was out cold within 5 min. He was up for a bit, and then back to sleep by noon through 2:30 or 3. By David's bedtime tonight, he was in bed again. Actually, I am struggling with David right now to get him to stay in bed and go to sleep, and Kel has been out cold again for almost an hour.
-He is going to work, light desk duty, tomorrow. I have the day off, so if he needs anything I can bring him stuff. He thinks he is driving himself, but we will see. Then Tuesday he is off again (chemo and a doc's appt), then working again Wednesday (hostage negotiator training) through Friday. Repeat next week. Then back to a week of chemo.

We had visitor's today who informed me he looks better than they thought he would from my posts, so if I can ... I will try to take a picture of him. He looks thinner, more pale, and mostly tired, but when he has some energy he is ok.

So, keep up the phone calls, especially to be sad with Kel about the Pats game (Butch), or to rub it in his face that they lost to the Jets (my father). For those in Tucson, visits are welcome. For those not in Tucson, well, visits are still welcome - just give me a heads up so I can pretend to clean the house. :)

I am running out of things that suck some days, so I will go with wonderful friends who have hours and hours long playdates with David DON'T suck! He had two wonderful playdates this weekend with his friends Ethan and Mollie (whom David ADORES) and today with his friend Doyoon. He played and ran and had a great time - and I appreciate the downtime for Kel.


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