Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy weekend

Kel made it through his first work week!

Ok, so with the holiday on Monday and chemo on Tuesday, it may have been a little cheating to call it a work week, since he only worked 3 days, but they were 3 x 10 hr days. Probably better for him to ease back into work.

He is in a pretty decent amount of pain again. It may be from the sitting up at work, rather than the semi-reclining he had been doing at home, but his pain is definitely back more and he has to take the meds a bit more often again. That was the first thing he did when he got home from work tonight. :( Poor Superman.

This weekend doesn't have much planned. Kel will try to take David to karate class while I teach tomorrow morning. He gets to sit in the yummy bakery next to the dojo and enjoy their pastries - I am jealous! David will get to wear his gi for the second time - it is adorable. I will try to get Kel to take pictures and put on FB.

Another added bonus is that the 'controlled environment' of kicking and punching at the dojo may get David to stop doing that at home? Or am I dreaming?

Sunday David will get another playdate with his friend Doyoon (and Doyoon's mom Yoon!). It will be the 4th weekend in a row, and the boys play so well together. They are only a month apart, and used to go to daycare together before both Yoon and I changed their schools (clearly not to the same one). Doyoon and Yoon will be going back to Korea next week, and they will be gone for a month, and I know David will miss his Sundays with Doyoon for a while. :( They should be back after 5 weeks, and maybe we can have Doyoon come to our place for a playdate? We don't have the cool toys that he does though ... so much Star Wars!

Next week is another 'lighter' one for Kel with only one chemo day, and we will see his oncologist on the same day (Tuesday). Then that ends cycle 1 of 4. It will start repeating on 1/31. Fun, fun, fun ... or something.

I need to get some review in and then some sleep before teaching about the endocrine system in the a.m. I am going to have a bit of a rough time keeping all of the classes straight ... hopefully I won't try teaching bone stuff to my BIO202 class, or the circulatory system to my BIO101 class! I think I need a personal assistant to keep it all straight, and help take care of Kel. Know anyone who wants the job? The pay is terrible (just gratitude) and the hours are crap (24/7).

Hmmmm, what to choose - things that suck, or that don't suck? Kind of a blase day today, so not feeling much either way.

I went to ask Kel, and since he was playing with Saja, this is what I came up with:

Silly games with puppies don't suck - they are kind of funny to watch. Saja is a crazy ball of energy. A ridiculously crazy ball of massively destructive energy - just take a look at our massage chair, the holes in our couch, or our lack of lawn furniture cushions anymore (and while you are outside, please fill up the holes he is digging) - but just a pup. And he isn't dumb by any means, but he can be easily fooled by an arm moving under a blanket. The thinks this magic monster can jump all around the bed, and he just LOVES to pounce! It is a funny game, and the part that makes us laugh does not suck ... just have to watch out for him pouncing on you!


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