Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Three down, two to go for week 1

Yesterday, day 2 of chemo, added the third drug to Kel's regimen. That one really knocked him out - he slept about 15 hours from getting home from day 2 and going to day 3. But tonight he is fine ... it is 10 pm and we are just going to bed. Not doing too bad either - he even ate more today! His weight loss is too fast, so he was told to eat more, and more protein. As Kel understood it (apparently): Go to McD's and get a bunch of food. Must have been what he heard, because that is what he did.

Other than high blood pressure (anxiety that his conciousness isn't acknowledging, but his unconscious mind is? What would Freud call this?) he is doing fine - ate today, even played with David a bit (was out cold last night, so no David time).

Tomorrow starts again bright and early with an 8am start to chemo. Too early to take David to school (given the time I will have to pick him up at night), so it is a little bit of 'Take your son to work' tomorrow, and to school before nap time. Now all I have to do is wrestle the iPad from Kel and that should work fine ... ;)

Not much else, other than extreme exhaustion. I thought I was going to fall asleep in the car this morning! Ok, maybe not quite that bad, but close. We are back to sleeping in our own bed, so that should help both of us.

And for the pain report ... while he can still feel the pressure in his back and on his side, he is doing awesome! Hasn't really had to take anything for that ... just for his arm because he slept on it wrong, or so we think. Woohooo for chemo shrinking 5 inch masses! Gooooo chemo!

I am tired now, so going to end with the following, which is really a ppppbbbblllllttttt for my father:

Ignore the following unless you are Ira David ... just me being bratty to my father, the 'Jenuine Doctor' (lawyer's can't spell). I am a Phony Doc, so I guess I can't throw stones, right?

From my father "you need to go back to arithmetic class. The entire chemo regimen is 9 weeks + 5 days, or 68 days, of which 3X5 + 6x1 = 21 are actually chemo days. Subtract 3 from each after today. Guess you picked the right major."

Ok, Dad, but for the 9 weeks + 5 days = 68, evaluation (which was my marker) is still 2 more weeks after that for 82. So as of today - to evaluation - 3 down, 79 to go. For chemo there are (4*5) + 6 = 26, minus the three we have done = 23.

Apparently my doctorate does include math skills when tired and worn out?

And finally: things that don't suck - my father, even when he doesn't trust my math, and is not so good at being sappy ... but for being a great support, and for caring so much about us all. I mean he must, he is even reading a blog?!

Good night,

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  1. Does your father realize that blogs are forever? And that his nerdiness will remain on the internet until the end of time? hahahaha