Thursday, January 20, 2011

Night night, Superman

That is what David said to Daddy tonight. Probably didn't hurt that Daddy was wearing a superman t-shirt, but it was cute and right on the nose at the same time. Although I think Daddy looks more like Lex Luther with the bald head ...

Kel has been back at work for two days now on light duty. The first day was a training day for the hostage negotiator squad, and today was at the station on desk duty. He has been doing alright, although he is very tired by the end of the day, and in a bit of pain from not too comfortable chairs, but I think he is happy to be back at work and out of the house.

Last night was also my first night of teaching a 'live' course, so Kel had to take care of David ... in theory. David actually cooperated with Daddy and was such a terror at school that his punishment last night was dinner and then sent to his room by 5:30 (he was punching his teachers, scratching them, bit one of them, and knocked over another parent!). He probably went to sleep around 6:30 or 7, and was (mostly) out for the night! Knowledge of him being bad actually wears him out - maybe he fears the punishment? Not sure.

Tonight we made it to Applebee's to celebrate the 14 year thing, plus a few days. Kel had enough energy tonight, and he and David even got ColdStone after! Lucky fellas ... I had one of the 'under 550' calorie meals (as did Kel) and it wasn't too bad. I am definitely not on the Nutrisystem plan right now, but managing to do ok.

Not much else, just getting really busy. Teaching is getting into full swing with my third non-UA class starting on Saturday and I am working on writing papers, progress reports, managing students, projects, etc at UA. Lots going on, trying to take care of the house (which reminds me, I have laundry to do tonight), etc. But at least I got over the breaking point with David .. for now. :) So many people have made us dinners, and it has helped so much. The boys are being well-fed, and it is such a help to me to not have to cook every night and especially on teaching nights - thank you.

I am too cold tonight to be creative (could be the liter-plus of cold water I just drank ... ya think?), so nothing amazingly insightful. Looking forward to my father coming out in early February, although I am very sad I can't be there with him for 1/30 - the one year anniversary of my mother passing away from endometrial cancer. Hopefully Kel's mother will be here at the end of February (during my birthday week, actually, since that is a chemo week), and maybe his grandmother in March?

Going back to an oldie, but a goodie, as it nears the year anniversary for my mom ... Cancer Sux. All cancer sux. My mom was only 58 when she was diagnosed (on David's 1st birthday, actually), and made it through her 60th birthday before we lost her. I miss her terribly, and especially when I could use some 'mom' venting about David, or when I am sick and want my mommy, or every night when I sing to David because she used to sing in her terribly tone-deaf way. Dad - remember the 'porn' on the bus? (She forgot the words to the Wheels on the Bus, and on the verse that should have been the 'horn' on the bus, she decided it was porn).

And Cancer Sux in 2010 because it took the gentle giant Tahoe from us. She was the best 100-lb lap dog ever, and Kel and I both still use her name before we remember that she is gone and we have the Saja terror now. Tahoe wasn't even 10.

And Cancer Sux for Kel, who at 36 is actually a bit old to get testicular cancer. His spirit is high, and our hopes are up there too, but treatment is harsh and tiring for him. He is Superman to David, to me, and cancer will not get him. It is just his temporary cryptonite, making him more human like for now, and not indestructible.

So cold, and off to join Kel sleeping under the warm covers.


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